3G/HD-SDI Processing

Pandoras Box Playback Systems support a wide range of different input cards.

The live input options are applicable for live input processing for shaped screens or as additional live effects engine or softedge blending.

All live inputs can be used as any other media rescource with Pandoras Box image processing to create stunning visuals and screen designs.

Due to the high demands in broadcast quality 3G SDI input signals we have developed unique low latency input boards to meet the level of live image processing required by our customers.

The custom designed input cards offer high quality, low latency (appx. 2 frames) and realtime de-interlacing 3G/HD-SDI input for live camera interaction as well as live feed broadcasting.

Pandoras Box features several de-interlacing algorithms to process any input signal at full frame rate and native image quality.

HD-SDI Latency Test Setup

Our latest tests show that our systems’ latency lies between 2 and 2.5 frames at 30/25p (720p / 1080p) when it comes to progressive formats. When dealing with interlaced formats, we are looking at a minimum of 3 to 3.5 frames latency, based on 30/25p (1080i).

The test setup shown in the photograph shows a timecode which we film and then show next to the original on the same screen. We used a Panasonic P2HD Camera, connected to a Pandoras Box Server via HD-SDI Live Input, which is then in turn connected to a Panasonic Broadcast monitor BT-LH2550E.

On the top left of the output you can see the HD SDI Live Input.

On the bottom right of the output a 1920x1080 30p video's timecode is visible.

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