4K and Ultra HD

With the importance of 4K based technology growing fast across multiple sections of the wider AV market, display and projector manufacturers have to be able to provide their customers with reliable playout solutions. This development is further helped by the release of more cost effective 4K cameras, which means that it has never been easier to actually produce 4K content.

The simple fact that the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) recently created a new 3840x2160 pixel standard called Ultra HD is yet another sign of the increasing popularity of pixel formats beyond the current Full HD standard.

Although a variety of major technology brands are already delivering professional display and projector solutions, most 4K formats have not been truly standardised as of yet.

All of the projectors and displays currently available require dedicated timings and display modes in addition to true frame sync in order to work effectively.

Pandoras Box is working closely with a number of leading manufacturers in order to support their displays’ native resolutions and special formats such as:

Quad HD / Ultra HD 3840x2160 & 4K 4096x2160

4x broadcast 4:2:2 10bit SDI

4x Single Link DVI

One possible playout solution for a diverse variety of 4K applications is the award winning Pandoras Box Server with Framelock option, which can be used to realise frame accurate 4K playout scenarios. 

Uncompressed playback is also made possible with the optional SSD edition.

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