Museum / Installation

Max-Planck Institute Visitor Centre

Visitor interactivity meets the best of scientific research in this state of the art visitor centre.

The Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology inaugurated their new visitor center in Radolfzell, Germany in 2010. The whole range of Pandoras Box products was used to enable visitors to experience the fascinating world of ornithology through the ingenious use of infra-red camera tracking that played an integral part in creating an interactive floor display. 

Touch screens containing 16 different themes with 2000 individually animated images, clips as well as 5.1 soundfiles created a unique atmosphere.

Schukat und Reuter Gbr Munich were responsible for the overall project planning and design. VITOLI. took care of the overall media integration and installation. The custom glass constructions were built by Kubina Werkstätten GmbH.

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