Museum / Installation

Golden Temple Plaza Basement

Christie Pandoras Box media servers deliver outstanding visuals at Golden Temple Plaza Basement..


Through the ingenious designs by Designhabit, the Christie solutions installed in the Golden Temple Plaza Basement brilliantly showcased the rich heritage of the Sikh community and history of this holy shrine.​​​ The Golden Temple Plaza Basement is now open to visitors and is divided into four galleries showing different aspects about the temple utilizing Christie technology.

The world famous Sri Harmandir Sahib, or better known as the Golden Temple, is the holiest gurdwara (religious complex) of the Sikh religion.

In Gallery 1 the pyramid projection"Jyot mein Jyot" uses 10 Christie projectors positioned around a glass pyramid and with Pandoras Box the 10 Sikh gurus and their teachings are displayed. Gallery 2 shows "The History of Golden Temple": a 270° projection. Pandoras Box drives the 15-minute animation video about the history and establishment of the temple. In Gallery 4 Pandoras Box is used for a holographic projection for "Bani Guru-Guru hai Baani".

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