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Australian Outback Spectacular

Christie Pandoras Box and Christie Boxer are creating immersive experience for long-running Australian Outback Spectacular

The Outback is an unforgiving land but with Christie's help, a portion is transformed into the 'Australian Outback Spectacular,' an immersive experience that continues to impress audiences. The show is a captivating journey into Australia's high country as well as a retelling of the Battle of Beersheba that took place during World War I.

The show, taking place in Gold Coast, Australia, opened in 2006 but in recent times, a noticeable decline in image quality was taking place and it was time for a technology refresh. Unlike a typical installation, however, this production takes place on unforgiving sand - typical of the harsh outback. 

Now, thanks to Customised Technical Solutions - integration partner, and Christie in Australia, the show is better than ever with brighter, clearer images and flawless content management provided by Christie Boxer and Christie Pandoras Box.


The environment is extremely dusty, hot and humid so Customised Technical Solutions required a rugged and dependable projection system that could tolerate the harsh environment.​ The Christie Boxer 2K30 was the clear choice not only for its affordability, but its many features and benefits – including 4K upgradability.

Managing the content is Christie Pandoras Box; giving the technical team complete control over the entire workflow and giving the audience what it wanted and more. The result is an immersive experience depicting the beauty, spirit, and grandeur of Australia and its larger than life characters that continues to thrill audiences – now even better than ever.


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