Based upon many years of experience and the invaluable input we received from many of our users and customers, we have developed a comprehensive training system.

Since Pandoras Box products can be used in a wide variety of projects, we recognize that thorough training as well as in-depth knowledge of the entire system is the best method for ensuring that our users get the maximum value out of their project.

General training modules (Cologne, Germany)

Pandoras Box 1st grade training (1 day)

-  After introduction and general aspects of media server environments, this training examines the very first steps to get Pandoras Box set up and playback on screens. Practical steps for timeline programming to achieve a show with multiple layers and PIPs in motion. Playback formats with a quick run through Adobe Media Encoder and features like FX, 3D objects, keystone and softedge.

Pandoras Box 2nd grade training (2 days)

- This training continues the 1st grade training and builds from that base. It deals with more complex principles and advanced show setup. It covers all necessary knowledge to build your show in a larger Pandoras Box environment. Transforming the virtual into reality, how to treat multiple outputs and their content. Additionally, themes like live inputs, Notch integration, basic warping, basic texture mapping, basic canvas drawing and multi-user information are taught.
2D warping training forms part of the second day and examines the behavior of textures (images and videos) on any surface. It starts with projection from bad angles to projecting on curved surfaces and then moving onto 3D objects using the 2D warping workflow. Additionally you will learn about texture mapping and masking. Another aspect of this training is mapping for LED and LCD videowalls.

Pandoras Box timeline programming ( 2 days )

- The Pandoras Box timeline programming training is a platform to provide with valuable information all about the feature rich Pandoras Box; from big features to smaller facets. Experienced users get to refresh and enhance their expertise with more in-depth knowledge and greatly improve their flexibility using Pandoras Box Software. Additionally, this training improves timeline workflows. It is a 2 day training featuring tasks designed to directly get you in touch with explained features and workflows. By the end of the training session we will together create a show in multi-user mode to manifest the acquired knowledge.

Widget Designer 1st grade training

- Widget Designer 1st grade training is the first step into control software scripting. Build and design your own graphical user interface with buttons, faders, labels, color pickers and more. Remoting into Pandoras Box Manager is a main theme of course, publishing your control surface on a web server the final result. All used features and techniques are available in the Free Edition.


Widget Designer 2nd grade training

- This training continues the 1st grade training and builds onto it. It will add more powerful ways of scripting to your knowledge. The node system and variables are introduced along with more widgets and tools and CSS implementation as well. 3rd party TCP connections round up the contents of this training.


Please find all current trainings in our dates section.

The german Pandoras Box training usually starts at 10AM and finishes at appx. at 5PM.


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Please note that there are several training tutorials available in our Christie University and on our YouTube channel PandorasBoxLearn you will find many more videos and webinars.

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