Working from home? Join us!

As we are all facing the current issues caused by COVID-19 we took the chance to go for webinars to stay educated and make the most of the situation! The idea is to offer intensive trainings for operators to be ready and set up after this period!

In these trainings we will be focusing on topics around our Pandoras Box and Widget Designer softwares. Owning our software is recommended. You can always download the free Demo Version of Pandoras Box and also try the free Widget Designer license.

Please check our social media channels or our website for daily updates on the webinars.

Please bear in mind that we can't provide with a large schedule in advance since these webinars require a lot of coordination and we too are forced to improvise a little in this situation.

We're looking forward to see you in the virtual dimension.

Stay healthy,

your Pandoras Box team